Adhesives and Bonding Eurasia

Adhesives and Bonding Eurasia

25 November - 27 November, 2021

90 (0212) 324 00 00


Istanbul Expo Center, Turkey

Organized By:

Artkim Fuarcilik Tic. A.S

90 (0212) 324 00 00

Artkim Center 34415 4.Levent / Istanbul Turkey

About Adhesives and Bonding Eurasia

Artkim Exhibitions, which has been organizing sector-specific trade fairs and taking the pulse of the Chemistry industry since 2006, currently maintains its operations as the organizer of 13 trade fairs in total.

Turkish industrial adhesive and sealant industry has been a rapidly growing industry in the global market with a constantly expanding field of use.

Currently; one or more types of adhesives are used in any product that we use in our daily lives from a small package to an automobile, from white goods to the furniture industry. Especially, the visible increase in the industrial efficiency ensured through the replacement of the materials, which used to be employed for product assemblage, with industrial adhesives occurs in direct proportion to the manufacturing industry. The demand for the industry has been constantly growing also upon the appreciation of by the end user companies of the value of industrial adhesives and sealants.

In that regards, sector-specific trade fairs that focus on the production and applications of adhesives and sealants are organized in many countries in the international arena. As far as Turkey is concerned; the fact that there has been a gap about this field in the industry as well as the demands from the adhesive and sealant producers for the organization of sector-specific trade fairs that focus specifically on industrial adhesives and sealants have laid the foundation for Adhesive & Bonding Eurasia Exhibition, whereby it is aimed to blow a fresh breath for the industry.

Adhesive & Bonding Eurasia Exhibition, which is being organized for the first time this year as the only trade fair in its field in Turkey, will be an event, where the novel technologies and innovative products, the R&D endeavors and production novelties in the industry will be exhibited, and more importantly information exchange about the industry will be enabled, and the quality of the products of the industry will be presented to the professional local and international visitors on a global platform.

We would be honored to receive the support of all industry stakeholders for the launche of Adhesive & Bonding Eurasia Exhibition, being the only sector-specific trade fair in Turkey for the adhesive and sealant industry.

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