Clean Beauty Connect

Clean Beauty Connect

23 June - 25 June, 2020

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About Clean Beauty Connect

Clean Beauty isn’t just a trend, it’s a movement that impacts virtually every element of the cosmetics industry. Modern consumers are better informed on the implication of their cosmetic purchasing decisions and as such, are demanding transparency over the safety and sustainability of the ingredients that go into their formulations and the environmental impact of product packaging.

With more than 6 in 10 women reading beauty product labels prior to purchase (Kari Gran, 2017), there’s a growing pressure on the cosmetics industry to come clean about what’s going into their products and a rush towards natural, greener, cleaner products that still offer premium performance and safety.

In the fiercely competitive, highly saturated beauty market, Clean Beauty is expected to grow from $36 bn 2019 to $54 bn by 2027 (Future Market Insights, 2019) and represents one the fastest growing segments of the cosmetics industry – It’s clear that clean isn’t going away.  Even beauty’s powerhouses are betting big on clean with Shiseido’s acquisition of Drunk Elephant for $825m and Unilever’s purchase of Tatcha for $500m in 2019.

Clean Beauty Connect brings together the change-makers and market leaders in clean beauty for 3-days of unmissable learning and business collaboration; take a deep-dive into developing cleaner efficacious formulations, explore cost-effective sustainable packaging solutions, un-pick the consumer’s mindset on certification and identify strategies to maximise transparency across your brand’s supply chain and omnichannel marketing strategy.

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