KIPES 2018

KIPES 2018

29 August - 1 September, 2018

82(2) 551-0102


KINTEX Hall 7,8, South Korea

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Rm.2001, WTC, Yeongdong-daero 511, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

About KIPES 2018

The meaning of Printing Machinery industry is not limited to Printing Machinery devices and equipments. IT based Printing Machinery information system for efficient care, unity of Printing Machinery and communication system for hospital communication, Printing Machinery vehicle for fast and sage delivery.

This phenomenon affects the market of Printing Machinery industry in Korea, it creates the large consuming demand and it pushed Korean Printing Machinery market to larger stage. Definitely, Printing Machinery market is growing rapidly and it is the time to penetrate into the market with great vision.

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