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Artekno Oy
Artekno Oy

Food Packaging

Artekno Oy was founded in 1953. For decades, the company has been growing into a recognised manufacturer and importer that serves the food, packaging and manufacturing industries as well as private final consumers. The portfolio of Artekno Oy ranges from food packaging and packaging components to various technical reinforced plastic and polyurethane products. In addition to design and production, the total service covers an extensive network of sub-contracting support. We take care of our customer throughout the product lifecycle.

Artekno Oy is not only stable, but it is also a dynamic company. Bold product development through financial resources, new products and innovative design are an integral part of the company's operations. Our success is based on a flexible, customer-orientated operation and advanced expertise. Extensive experience, reliability and high product quality are what our customers appreciate.

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Artekno Oy
Aakkulantie 46
FI-36220 Kangasala?
Tel: +358 3 244 7600

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