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E+K Sortiersysteme GmbH

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Sorting Technology,Bunker Technology & Vibratory Tables

E+K Sortiersysteme GmbH
E+K Sortiersysteme GmbH

Vibratory Tables

The E+K SORTIERSYSTEME GMBH is specialist for sorting and conveying systems as well as feeding systems and is the qualitative market leader in this segment.

With our innovative sorting and conveying systems we can offer customer specific, flexible and economic solutions paramounting to the pharmaceutical industry. Excellent workmanship and quality materials as well as traceable production processes guarantee the global appreciation of our products.

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E+K Sortiersysteme GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 2
D-74592 Kirchberg/Jagst
Tel: +49(0)79 04-9798-0

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