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Self-adhesive labels, Sachets ,(shrink) Sleeves ,Wrap round labels , In mould labels ,Cheese labels, Brie-labels , Mock-ups


Self-adhesive labels

Your ideas, our knowledge. Together we shape content.With smart packaging your quality will get an expressive look. Your unique product deserves all the attention. Catching the eye by being unique.This is what we do since 1891. So we can say that it’s in our genes. If we face the boundaries of the possible, we just extend our borders. With small steps or with big leaps. We’re not afraid to take a leap of faith. By taking risks and by looking ahead you’ll come to unprecedented solutions and the most striking packaging. That’s our experience.

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P.O. Box 557720 AB Dalfsen
Wannestraat 28 7722 RT Dalfsen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)529 438100

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