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Frontline Packaging Ltd
Frontline Packaging Ltd

Shrink And Film Wrapping Machinery

Based in the UK and operating throughout Europe, Frontline Packaging Ltd is a one-stop source of some of the finest end-of-line packaging machines and systems available today.

Frontline Packaging represents a small number of leading packaging machinery manufacturers, each of which is supported by Frontline’s comprehensive range of professional customer support services.

Frontline Packaging understands it can be difficult to identify the most suitable piece of equipment from the wide range of packaging machine suppliers and machines available in today’s market. The Frontline Packaging approach is therefore to start by taking time to fully understand each application before making a recommendation and proposal. If it’s not something that Frontline Packaging can help with, you’ll be told up front.

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Frontline Packaging Ltd
3a Wireless Station Industrial Park
Chestnut Lane, Kneesworth
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1763 249255

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