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Gualapack S.p.A.
Gualapack S.p.A.

Filling Machines

The GualapackGroup was founded by the Guala family in 2010. Today, the company is a world leader in flexible packaging technology and is the successful fusion of two firms with an industrial pedigree that stretches back over time.

a pioneering Italian producer of flexible packaging. Founded in 1925 as a manufacturer of viscose rayon, Safta today is renowned for the quality of its multi-layer laminates and for its customised packaging solutions. The plant in Piacenza has five production departments: one for polyethylene extrusion, one for electronic engraving which is backed-up by a dedicated design service; and the three departments where the manufacturing process takes place: a printing department, a laminating department and the slitting area.

Gualapack is the world leader in pre-made flexible packaging solutions with a spout and cap.  The company was founded in 1986 in Alessandria for the production of flexible packaging. In 1989 it started producing an innovative type of flexible packaging: the Cheerpack. Today, the product range is divided into Cheerpack CP and Cheerpack DP (Spouted Stand Up Pouch). Thanks to the commercial success enjoyed by Cheerpack pouches, Gualapack now has four production facilities: the headquarters, based in Castellazzo Bormida (AL), Italy, a facility in Nadab, Romania (2011) in San Jose, Costarica (2013) and a new facility in Ukraine opened in 2014.

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15073 Castellazzo Bormida (AL)
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