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Hartness International
Hartness International

Shrink Wrapping

For over 50 years, our powerful commitment to meeting our customers’ needs has driven us forward. Two generations of the Hartness family owned and operated soft drink bottling plants. Though the family sold the bottling businesses, their experience forged Hartness’ innovation-driven culture. Because of our history and experience, we understand your needs and meet them with proven innovation.

At Hartness, we’ve always been known for our world-class manufacture of innovative packaging equipment and our powerful commitment to customer satisfaction. Though the requirements of the global packaging market have changed, our commitment to you hasn’t. Today, Hartness offers a variety of solutions throughout the supply chain. From core technologies such as case packing and DYNAC to systems integration, robotics and warehouse automation, Hartness’ extensive product portfolio helps you meet your diverse business objectives.

Hartness International is part of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) family of companies. ITW is comprised of over 850 decentralized business units located in 52 countries. ITW offers its business units unparalleled access to state-of-the-art testing facilities and knowledge-sharing. With a global network of resources at its disposal, Hartness continues its decades-long tradition of developing customer-focused solutions and commercial innovations.

While the scale and scope of Hartness’ capabilities have changed, our powerful commitment to customer satisfaction is as strong as the day we opened our doors nearly 50 years ago. And it’s our unyielding innovation that propels our growth around the world.

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