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Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH

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Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH
Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH

Case Packers

Meypack produces end-packaging machines. Not just any kind of machine but rather systems that measure up to the best end-packaging solutions in the world. Meypack is an internationally active specialist in machine manufacturing for individual packaging machines. Machines made in Germany, serviced and maintained by Meypack’s own personnel. In the end, it is the use of qualified employees that enables a high level of service and individual consultation. And that is the basic prerequisite for successful, long-term cooperation with one’s customers.

The world is in motion. Affected by increasingly shorter product life cycles, demographic change in populations, global competition plus an atomisation and individualisation of needs, the packaging industry also faces new challenges. The willingness of our employees to adjust to new trends, to assume responsibility for the whole process and to live through this transition with a high degree of flexibility on a daily basis are the fundamental requirements for ensuring that Meypack can provide the best service and advanced machine solutions. 

In the future, we will continue to offer our customers competitive, customised and reliable solutions that bring advantages and benefits. We combine international commitment with local expertise. We seek to open up new markets – and meet the needs of new sectors and regions. We strive for profitable growth as a basis for sustainable success. We constantly search for the best solutions. We work dependably in a result-oriented manner. We think long-term and have future challenges in mind today. We never rest on our laurels – but rather yearn to become even better. We work in a committed manner to make our goals a reality. We are open to new opportunities in the future. We invest in our employees by providing and supporting applicable advanced training.

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Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH
Industriestraße 3
D-48301 Nottuln-Appelhülsen
Tel: +49(0)2509 940

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