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Officina Bocedi Srl

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Officina Bocedi Srl
Officina Bocedi Srl

Stretch Hooder

Company BOCEDI is well known internationally for its reliability and high technological level of the machines it offers on the market. A constant activity of research & development is done in order to offer more and more reliable packaging machines, with higher performances and lower maintenance requirements.

In particular, a great focus is made on:
-  the development of more user friendly software local (local control and remote control)
-  energetic saving with the development of cold stretch hooding that can run on recyclable materials. Moreover, we are also working to reduce consumption of gas and electric to our systems.

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Officina Bocedi Srl
Via R. Guttuso 2/A
42019 Scandiano
Reggio Emilia-ITALIA
Tel: +39 0522 767025

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