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OPM (Labels and Packaging) Group Ltd

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Flow Wraps, Lidding Film, Peel & Reveal Labels

OPM (Labels and Packaging) Group Ltd
OPM (Labels and Packaging) Group Ltd

Flow Wraps

For over 40 years OPM (Labels and Packaging) Group have made it our mission to bring you customised solutions to meet the quality, flexibility & speed your Brands demand to attract the consumers attention when and where it matters most – on the shelf.

Solution led Innovation – pioneering innovations in flexible packaging and self-adhesive labels that make each product functional whilst remaining decorative. We showcase the technologies and materials that are perfect for your products and designs.

OPM help you discover fresh ideas, best practices and a new perspective to help your brand launch, grow and expand in the future.

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OPM (Labels and Packaging) Group Ltd
Gelderd Road
Leeds, LS12 6TG
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)113 231 1000

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