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Packlab s.r.l.
Packlab s.r.l.

Self Adhesive Labeller

Packlab, a company part of the P.E. LABELLERS group, specialises in the production of self-adhesive labelling systems. It was founded by a team of technicians and professionals with 20 years of experience in the labelling and packaging field. Thanks to a highly specialised technical and electronic department, Packlab can provide ad-hoc solutions to meet any self-adhesive application requirement. It has a number of international clients in all manufacturing sectors, such as the cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as in the beverages, wine and spirits market.

A great benefit of Packlab's self-adhesive linear labellers is the absence of equipment for different formats, which ensures considerable savings for clients who need to label containers of different shapes and sizes.

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Packlab s.r.l.
Via A. Volta, 16 - 46030
San Giorgio di Mantova (Mantova)
Tel: +39.0376.372300

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