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Pak West
Pak West

Packaging Materials Design

Founded by the Blower and Dempsay families as a corrugated box sheet plant in 1973, Pacific Western Container later formed sister company, Pak West, as our paper and packaging distribution arm.

In 1995, the packaging systems division was created, followed by the acquisition of Pacific Conveyor Systems, the custom conveyor manufacturing and engineering division. Later came the recycling division, an automated guided vehicle division, and a graphic arts department.

Our latest development is Pacific Flexible Solutions, or PacFlex, designers, importers and/or manufacturers of direct food contact films and containers. We have also expanded out of our Orange County headquarters to nine states in the Western US and beyond while keeping our family first values and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Pak West
4042 W Garry Ave,
Santa Ana,
CA 92704, USA
Tel: 800.927.7299

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