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PLF International Limted
PLF International Limted

Powder Filling Systems

Absolute dedication to understanding our customers’ requirements for their powder filling machines, with the appropriate mix of expertise, reliability, products, service and price for each customer – the ethos of PLF International since its inception in 1994.

Since its formation, PLF has continued to progress and grow, supplying the most innovative and versatile vacuum and volumetric powder filling machines and packaging machinery in the world. Accommodating all powders and granular products for the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, PLF continues to meet the exacting and rigorous demands of the production industry today. PLF’s latest design of powder filling machine is considered to be the best available, worldwide.

Since 1994, PLF International has designed and manufactured what is considered to be one of the most flexible, gentle, user-friendly powder filling machines - for rigid and semi-rigid containers - in the world, with the ability to fill by vacuum (for products with poor flowability), and by volume for products with good flow characteristics. Every machine is designed specifically for each customer’s application, providing a flexible and technical solution to their requirements. This has led to many PLF installations in the UK, and worldwide.

As well as powder filling machines, PLF’s extensive knowledge has resulted in the addition of other applications to its portfolio, including in-line nitrogen gas flushing, scoop inserters, aromatisation systems etc.

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PLF International Limted
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