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Packing / Palletising & RST EUROPAC

RST Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
RST Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Packing / Palletising

We are a certified, medium-sized Bavarian company that has specialized in handling systems for containers and packs in the beverage and food industry as well as in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals. Furthermore, we develop and manufacture custom-designed packaging and palletising plant for different industries in which product and packaging safety play an important role. We develop, design and manufacture for over 20 years at our location Barbing near Regensburg with trained personnel export, import, repacking and sorting and unloading and Bepalettieranlagen in portal - and robotics for all power ranges. For this purpose we supply and install all our equipment tangent transporters. As a longtime specialist in the development and manufacture of standard and special grippers are available this also worldwide leader in the beverage and food industry. Through our affiliation with the hoch.rein Corporate Group - a merger of international company with over 800 employees in the sector "technology development and transfer" - we can draw on extensive experience from many different technologies that we incorporate in our developments. We have our own research and development department in the field of automation and engineering. So are RST packaging and palletising plant for the most modern control technology and quality engineering "Made in Germany".

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RST Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
Von-Miller-Straße 10
D-93092 Barbing / Unterheising
Tel: +49 (09401) 88068-00

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