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thermo-pack Kunststoff-Folien-GmbH

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thermo-pack Kunststoff-Folien-GmbH
thermo-pack Kunststoff-Folien-GmbH


Besides thermo-pack, which produces flexible packaging, the other companies in the Hansen group engaged in the development, construction and sales of bottelpack-aseptic systems in Germany and Switzerland.

In the mechanical engineering company cooker-plastic and maroplastic the bottelpack packaging center for aseptic liquid packaging are developed and built.

The worldwide distribution of this packaging center via the sales organization of rommelag. As special service the Hansen group wage bottlers Holopack Germany and Switzerland maropack are affiliated. Here drugs are prepared in accordance with customer instructions and inline bottled.

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thermo-pack Kunststoff-Folien-GmbH
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74405 Gaildorf,
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