Alucaps invests in new Sacmi CCM64MB press

7 September 2017

Grupo Alucaps Mexicano has invested in new Sacmi CCM64MB press, which will be used to manufacture water and CSD caps.

The new 64-cavity CCM press allows to produce two differently designed caps by using the same die.

Featuring advanced compression technology, the CCM64MB holds capacity to manufacture caps of variable diameter upto a maximum of 52mm.

With lowest cycle times, the machine can produce 1600 caps per minute with 64 cavities.

Alucaps supplies plastic and metal caps to the global beverage companies, including Coca Cola Group.

The company has installed the latest machines at its manufacturing facilities located in four central American countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and Guatemala.

The new machine uses both standard dies and dies installed with an advanced Sacmi COOL+ circuit.

Earlier, Alucaps purchased 15 Sacmi machines for use in metal cap manufacturing operations. The machines include nine PMC300 lining machines and six PTC027B presses.

In July, Sacmi announced that it will exhibit its complete Hero range at this year’s Drinktec show in Germany.

The event will take place from 11 to 15 September in Munich.

At the event, the company will exhibit advanced technological and plant engineering solutions for both bottlers and converters.

Sacmi will showcase heroLINE, which is the new cap and preform buffer that helps in achieving total integration both upstream and downstream from the bottling process.