Antalis opens smart packaging center in UK

10 August 2018

Paper and packaging solutions distributor Antalis has opened a new smart packaging center at its headquarters in Coalville, North West Leicestershire, England.

The facility, which is a design lab and solutions center, is intended to support packaging solutions and services.

It is designed to allow company’s designers to conduct a review of their packaging requirements on-site to meet the logistical challenges faced by customers.

Antalis packaging technologist Jason Poxon said: “Traditionally, the packaging design process can be lengthy and cumbersome, requiring a number of initial consultations to establish the client’s requirements before going away and creating a working prototype, all of which can take weeks.

“Recognising the rising challenges facing our customers, particularly those in the e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing industries, who are under immense time and cost pressures, we’ve invested heavily in creating the new Smart Packaging Centre to address this.

“The result is the ultimate one-stop-shop, where businesses can have all their packaging needs taken care of under one roof – making the process of creating and adapting bespoke packaging quicker and easier than ever before.

Featuring advanced machinery and materials, the center forms part of Antalis’ European network of design facilities which comprise 15 packaging designers across its labs in France, Poland and Germany.

The center allows clients to interact with Antalis designers to create new bespoke pack designs and live samples. These samples will later undergo testing and modifications to meet their requirements.

The facility features Impact CAD software suite which will be integrated into the company’s Zund G3 L-2300 cutting table to speed up the packaging design process from weeks to hours.

Poxon said: “By hand-picking the latest innovations and machinery in packaging, we have drastically cut the time it takes to design, manufacture and test packaging.”