Aranow upgrades design of Four Side Seal Packaging Solution

Saturday, Apr 18, 2015

The upgrade of the design of the 4 side seal packaging solution done by ARANOW offers an easy and fast changeover, a free access to the main components, a flexible and compact design and it is manufactured with long durability and high resistance materials with long life lubrication, therefore, reducing the downtimes at the production. In line with the packaging equipment concept of ARANOW, the FS RANGE has unlimited custom possibilities providing a production up to 1050 spm with low operational costs.

The 4 sides seal technology is commonly used in the Pharma, Food and cosmetic industries, especially for products in granular, liquid or powder form that are sold into traditional markets. It is also an optimum format for sampling or to be attached with magazines because it is thinner than stick pack, and very flexible for format changing.

ARANOW’s flat sachet packaging machinery is prepared for any type of product such as powdered medicines, shampoo powder, shower gel, hydrating lotion, make-up, condiments, salt, sugar, oil, vinegar, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard.



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