Arkema rolls out Lotader 4613 adhesive

Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015

Arkema has introduced Lotader 4613 adhesive under its range of tie layers intended for the lamination of difficult packaging films, such as oxygen barrier films that are used for snack foods.

Lotader 4613 adhesive is claimed to offer cost savings by eliminating the use of primers as well as problem of speed decreases.

Besides, it can be extruded at a temperature that is 20°C lower than the earlier generation of Lotader 4503, thereby leading to savings in energy.

Lotader 4613 adhesive can also bond unprimed reverse printing films to metallized films at a lamination speed that was difficult with the earlier generation of Lotader 4503 tie layer.

Converters that use Lotader 4613 adhesive can opt between the possibility to either bolster the bond strength between the laminated films or boost their productivity whilst keeping acceptable bond strength.

As the melting temperature of Lotader 4613 adhesive is close to 100°C, the thermal resistance of the final package structure has become possible.

Arkema's tie layer range for extrusion lamination includes Lotader 4503, which is a general purpose ready-to-use tie layer for unprimed films; Lotader 3210 - a general purpose ready-to-use tie layer for primed films; Lotader 4210, a general purpose concentrate to be blended with LDPE; and Lotader 3410 and Lotader 3430, which are high performance concentrates to be blended with LDPE.

Arkema's range of Lotader reactive terpolymers and Lotryl acrylate copolymers provide a great a wide scope of solutions for the flexible packaging industry.

Arkema supplies Evasin EVOH barrier resins, Lotryl Bestpeel seal-peel resins and Orevac grafted polyolefins tie layers.

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