Atlas Packaging presents a Case for Riverford Recipe Boxes

Wednesday, Mar 18, 2015

Atlas Packaging has completed the design of a unique crash-lock recipe box with multi adjustable dividers for Riverford, the organic, home delivery company that delivers 47,000 fresh produce boxes weekly.

Riverford is most renowned for its organic meat and veg box home delivery scheme.  The Recipe Box, a concept which offers the consumer all the ingredients required to cook up a fresh, no-fuss meal, right down to measured quantities of salt & pepper, is anticipated by Riverford to be the next major trend in British home-cooking.  

Atlas Packaging already works closely with Riverford on their existing home delivery offerings and was delighted to respond to a brief to design the new Recipe Box.

The required box presented a number of challenges, all of which needed to be overcome to make the box viable.  It needed to reflect Riverford’s core brand values – quality, organic & environmentally-friendly as well as divide flexibly into compartments to accommodate a wide variety of sizes, shapes and weights and protect the ingredients including glass bottles, fresh vegetables and delicate herbs.  The box also needed to integrate with Riverford’s demanding supply chain.

The solution conceived by Atlas’ skilled structural engineering team was a crash lock box that could be assembled in less than a second on Riverford’s production line.  Different grades of board were transit tested with varying weights to ensure boxes arrived in prime condition with the end user as well as the possibility of repeated use.  

The box’s unique selling point is the grooved inner container with multi adjustable dividers.  Nik Jarvis, Sales Director at Atlas Packaging commented: ‘The real challenge was to create a cost efficient, workable template that can be adjusted according to the ingredients contained within.  Naturally, these will vary according to the recipes and seasons. 

Our Head of Design, Dave King came up with a solution that enables the box to create varying sized cells to accommodate the variety of ingredients required. The tray that holds the dividers can be positioned lengthways or widthways within the box, dependent upon the veg being packed.”

The Riverford Recipe Box has been shortlisted for the Pro2Pac Excellence Awards 2015 the winner of which will be announced at the Show.

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