AUER Packaging starts anniversary year with record sales

Saturday, Jul 25, 2015

AUER Packaging has achieved the best result of their 30 year existence with a turnover of 76 million Euros in 2014. With a plus of 31%, the Bavarian packaging specialist significantly surpassed their results of the previous year (58 million Euros). But with the positive results for five consecutive years the company recorded a positive development that is above average in the plastic industry.

AUER Packaging is the first stop for customers who need innovative logistic solutions and intelligent products for transport as well as the storage of solids and liquids. “The customers value know-how and high-“made in Germany”-quality for the production of reusable transport packaging,” emphasizes Robert Auer, Managing Director of the family business.

AUER Packaging has eight subsidiaries in Western and Eastern Europe and an ever-growing network of authorized distributors. The international customers exist of companies in the food industry, wholesale and retail, the automobile industry and mechanical engineering.

The company produced about 14 million plastic containers in 2014. AUER provided the long-term manufacturing partners throughout the country with the necessary equipment to ensure a very high standard of production and a high capacity. Last year AUER increased the production volume at the plant Hohenpeißenberg and provided the investment funds for the build of the Technology Park Amerang. The total investments in 2014 were 14.5 million Euros. The headquarters are in the Technology Park. And in June the production with eight new machines with a fully automated injection system started so that the production can be increased significantly. Further expansion of production capacities on the approximately 50,000 square meters of the technology park has been discussed.

AUER Packaging has had a good start of their anniversary year with an increase in sales of 10 percent in the first six months and many booked orders. Despite the successful start of the production and the expected increase in sales - an estimated a turnover of about 83 million in 2015 - Robert Auer expects consolidation of the results this year: "After all, now we have to earn back the high investments we made in buildings and equipment."

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