Bemis implements Esko’s Automation Engine platform to reduce errors in packaging files

Monday, Jan 09, 2017

US-based flexible packaging firm Bemis has implemented Esko’s Automation Engine platform, in a bid to reduce errors in packaging files.

Esko’s platform will enable Bemis to carry out automatic quality control checks on packaging artwork for text, artwork, spelling, braille, and barcodes.

Bemis Graphics’ prepress department is using Automation Engine tools by using Viewer Compare, which will place two files on top of one another and highlights the differences.

The company conducts a compare or file check, after every file iteration. It will check all the graphics elements, text, and barcode , in addition to comparing them with art file.

They carry out a spell and barcode check after Esko normalizes the PDF file, as they developed the art.

Later, the file will be compared to the original art files to find out whether anything is changed.

They will carry out another comparison to the previous PDF file, if they add traps and assemble high-resolution images.

Bemis Graphics production manager Jeff Hochhausen said: “Like any company, we would miss things. It could be anything from copying text incorrectly and misspelling a word, to nudging a logo and inadvertently dropping something off the artwork. Unfortunately, there were times when we would print something incorrectly.

"While we had been using Esko tools for decades, we learned about Global Vision when we were tasked to compare printed jobs back to the proofs for details like the correct plates, proofs, color and copy. Things can get missed there.”



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