Blue Waters Products installs new Sidel bottling line

Friday, Jan 22, 2016

Blue Waters Products has equipped its purified drinking water facility at Trinidad with a new bottling line from liquid packaging solutions provider Sidel.

Sidel's complete line includes Sidel Matrix Combi, a Sidel Rollquattro Evolution labeller, as well as end of line equipment such as shrink wrappers and palletiser.

The Sidel Matrix Combi will enable the bottler to package lightweight bottles at high speeds, and have a flexible plant layout with up to 30% less floor space.

It allows quick changeovers, thereby increasing production uptime and reducing operating costs compared to traditional lines.

Sidel said that its Rollquattro Evolution labeller employs roll-fed technology to speed up accurate label application. It can be used for wrap-around plastic labels on PET containers of up to 2.5l and diameters ranging from 53 mm to 110 mm.

The line has the capability to produce 48,000 bottles per hour and it will allow Blue Waters to expand its presence in the Caribbean.

Upon completion of the installation of the line, Blue Waters's production capacity is anticipated to increase by 40%.

Blue Waters Products owner and managing director Dominic Hadeed said: "During the due diligence process for this project, we thoroughly evaluated several equipment manufacturers' offerings, and Sidel was the natural choice because of their PET expertise and their innovative solutions for water lines.

"The high-speed complete line solution we chose is simple, reliable, and economical, and it will allow us to increase our capacity and improve our sustainability while lowering our production costs."

The 23,200m2 Trinidad plant employs more than 500 people.

The company has already installed Sidel complete line at its modern Orange Grove facility in Trinidad, where purified artesian water is bottled for distribution throughout the Caribbean.

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