Bon Affair's Spritzer launches in Rexam bottle

Wednesday, Jun 03, 2015

US beverage firm Bon Affair has expanded into the single-serve market with the unveiling of Sauvignon Blanc Wine Spritzer, in 11.2oz aluminum bottle ‘Fusion’ made by consumer packaging firm Rexam.

The aluminum bottle, available in sizes 11.2oz and 8.5oz, is made at Rexam's Ejpovice plant in the Czech Republic and eventually delivered to the US.

Rexam president Claude Marbach said: "Our Fusion bottle gives Bon Affair an excellent opportunity to evolve its brand and deliver a premium drinking experience to its customers."

Rexam's Fusion aluminum bottle claims to make the containers shatterproof and lightweight to help reduce shipping costs.

The ability to re-close, thanks to a re-sealable twist off cap that helps keep the beverage fresh longer, has been touted as another feature of the 100% recyclable bottle.

The Spritzer, which Bon Affair claims to contain half the calories of regular wine, zero sugar and 6.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), is made with only a blend of California Sauvignon Blanc Wine and grape seed extract, among others.

Bon Affair founder Jayla Siciliano said: "Whether at the pool, the beach, or on a boat with friends, our new aluminum bottle can go there with you.

"This convenient, single-serve option is exactly what we were looking for to open up additional distribution options for us. Rexam has delivered a great looking package that we are confident our customers are going to love as much as we do."

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