Bosch Packaging Technology redesigns Delta robotic lineup

Tuesday, Jul 07, 2015

Bosch Packaging Technology has revamped its Delta lineup by introducing D3 robotic platform capable of dealing with higher payloads in the food industry.

Drawn from an open platform with GD series Delta robot, D3 offers enhanced pick rates and an application-specific control panel.

The robotic platform is said to facilitate quick changeovers and manage enhanced payloads of up to 3kg, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

D3 is suitable for packaging requirements of products, such as, biscuits, cereal bars, chocolate, confectionery treats, baked goods and vertically packaged products.

Bosch Packaging Technology sales director Marc de Vries said: "The new modular and scalable design enables multiple robot solutions by combining standard machine modules.

"Many customers look for robotic packaging equipment that can handle a great variety of products on the same machine.

"By increasing performance, payload capability and working volume height as well as offering optional fourth and fifth axes for improved product rotation, we have significantly extended the application range."

The controller and software based on Gemini 4.0 Delta are claimed to help cut down installation time as the device enables stimulated formats of new products, without the need for physical samples.

With an open frame design and control cabinets on the top, the D3 platform meets food safety norms and offers an improved visibility, cutting down time for cleaning and maintenance, Bosch said.

The D3 robotic solution, backed by Bosch's Module++ single-source provider concept, is compatible with both Bosch and third-party primary or secondary packaging machines.

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