Bosch plans to transfer packaging machinery production from UK to Germany

Tuesday, Feb 09, 2016

Bosch Packaging Technology is reportedly planning to transfer tablet presses and coaters production from its Knowsley factory in the UK to Germany over competitive concerns.

The move could result in the reduction of nearly 100 jobs at Knowsley Business Park site, according to media sources.

The decision follows a thorough consideration over the last years in order to meet the future needs of the customers and to remain competitive.

Bosch Packaging Technology spokesperson was quoted by Packaging News as saying: "The site faces a challenging economic situation. Order intake and sales figures are currently not satisfying and haven't been for the last years.

"We have invested heavily into the Knowsley site since 2011, innovating tablet press and coating machines and allocation of resources from other sites. These measures haven't been successful which is why have come to this difficult decision."

Despite investments since 2011, the Knowsley factory failed to compete on a global scale.

Consequently, tablet presses and coaters will be produced at two specialist pharmaceutical sites in Germany on behalf of the business, Echo reported citing the company.

The company was quoted by the media sources as saying: "Competition has increased and it has become difficult for the Knowsley location to compete on a global scale.

"Furthermore, new technology demands for solid dose manufacturing were introduced to the market and because of the increased demand for line solutions, Bosch Packaging Technology sees the need to adapt its business model to these changed market conditions."

The proposed closure will not have any impact on other Bosch operations in the UK.

Bosch said the Knowsley site will continue to supply a full schedule of services for all its machines.

The company acquired the Knowsley site, which operates under the name Manesty, in 2011.

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