Budelpack expands its operations with Semi-Automated Jar Packaging Line

Tuesday, Feb 03, 2015

Smaller packagings demand flexible packaging process. The desire for more variety and smaller households have led to increasing demand for more, smaller packagings. Peter Nieuwkerk, Managing Director: "There is plenty of demand for smaller volumes per unit. For example, clients want to be able to provide jars, pillow bags and standup-pouches. This decreases the volume per packaging variant. The diversity of packagings and the smaller volumes per packaging require flexible, attractively priced packaging solutions. This new, semi-automatic line for medium volumes meets both these preconditions."
Efficient utilisation of technology, our own and sheltered work staff.The use of staff from our internal sheltered workshop contributes to the cost effectiveness of packaging medium-sized annual volumes. Budelpack has been cooperating closely with social workshop staff since 2008. Initially, they packaged products under their own foremen in separate packaging areas, but as of 2013, Budelpack has also been utilising them on other lines, where possible. The co-packing specialist is now set to take things one step further by cleverly integrating technology, its own and social workshop staff with the aim of providing an appealing, competitive price-quality performance.

As one of Western Europe's largest, most innovative co-packers Budelpack annually packages 200 million solid, liquid, powdered or granulated food products in flexible, rigid, cardboard and innovative packaging. Budelpack resolves manufacturers and retailers' packaging concerns, capacity problems and investment risks adding distinctiveness, user-friendliness and/or cost price improvements to their products.



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