Butler Automatic launches new automatic film splicer

Saturday, Jun 06, 2015

Equipment maker Butler Automatic has launched SP3HSL Series Automatic Film Splicer for line efficiency in consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical shrink sleeve packaging operations.

The new automatic web splicing system for printed sleeve films, claims to offer improved line efficiency in sleeved packaging operations with the elimination of film roll change downtime.

Butler Automatic engineering - vice-president Mike Mucci said: "This product was originally developed to solve an efficiency problem for one key customer of Butler Automatic.

"This particular customer will increase line efficiency by 9%, leading to a payback on their investment of less three months."

The elimination of roll change would result in an increase of line efficiency by over 9%.

Conventionally, film roll changes in shrink sleeve packaging applications need to be done after a time interval of 18 minutes.

Human effort is required for replacing the rolls resulting in the wastage of around three minutes.

Operating at a speed of up to 450 feet per minute (FPM), the device is capable of splicing the end of expiring roll of film on its own. In this way, the device claims to maximize the utilization of production time.

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