Coley Porter Bell redesigns Seriously® Strong Cheddar Range

Monday, Mar 02, 2015

Coley Porter Bell were briefed to develop a concept that drives and creates brand differentiation, awareness and to ultimately amplify success in what is a hugely deal driven commoditised category. Made in Stranraer Scotland, since 1850 the brand has a fantastic story. In line with this, the new design brings to life Seriously® Strong’s value proposition; its provenance, heritage and fantastic taste – ‘a cheese with real character’.

Stephen Bell, Executive Creative Director said: “Our challenge was to tell the brand story succinctly on pack. The solution was to use the cheese itself to create a characterful Scottish landscape, allowing consumers to not only see the richness and texture of the product itself, but to intrinsically link it to its distinctive Scottish provenance. We also redesigned the brand rosette to feel more crafted and artisanal and added flavourful descriptive copy.”

Heloise le Norcy Trott, Marketing Director added: “The campaign will completely transform our brand identity as we begin a campaign that will bring fun and energy to a traditionally low-key consumer area. Consumer testing has shown that we are the market leader when it comes to the unique taste of our cheddar, and we are truly excited about our outstanding new branding which we believe matches the quality and Scottish heritage of our cheese. We have big growth ambitions over the next five years and this campaign has been designed to transform how we engage with consumers, while emphasising the Scottish values that deliver such an intense and characterful flavour.  Working alongside acclaimed film director Matthias Hoene and actor Dougray Scott has also been an enjoyable experience for everyone at Seriously Strong. Working with such heavyweights represents a real step-change in the approach and investment for the Seriously Strong brand. We are very excited about the roll-out of the campaign, as we forge ahead with our ambitions to double the brand value and secure the top spot in the UK cheese market.”

The new design will be carried across the core range that includes Mature White & Mature Red, Extra Mature White & Extra Mature Red and Vintage and Coley Porter Bell continue to work with the brand throughout 2015.



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