Combi Develops New Packaging Machine for Craft Brewery Industry

Tuesday, Mar 08, 2016

Combi Packaging System, a US based manufacturer of end-of-line packaging equipment, has developed a packaging machine designed specifically for the craft brewery industry.

The new machine, BrewPack, is expected to allow brewers to maintain hand craftsmanship.

The firm said that the machine will also reduce labor costs while increasing throughput associated with getting brewers' product to distributors and retail shelves.

Combi Packaging Systems CEO and president John Fisher said: "One of the most tedious tasks for the brewers is hand erecting their four and six pack carriers and the master shipping cases.

"This requires a large amount of labor and a large amount of space when most facilities are filled with processing equipment.

"In line with our focus on industry specific solutions, we have developed a multi-functioning machine that erects 4 and 6 pack carriers; erects the RSC master case; then case packs the carriers, creating a bottle ready case."

Combi plans to showcase the BrewPack machine at the BrewExpo America which is planned to be held in Philadelphia, US, from 4-6 May 2016.

Additionally, the firm will showcase its Ergopack ergonomic hand packing station, which has been tailored with a six pack carrier dispenser and recirculating conveyor for semi-automatic bottle case packing.

In 2015, Combi, in collaboration with Motion Controls Robotics, a provider of robotic automation solutions, has developed new robotic solution, ErgoPakPal, for end of line packaging operations.

The ErgoPakPal is a complete case packing and case palletizing system designed for low to medium throughput applications.

Fisher added: "The ErgoPakPal packs cases and palletizes the filled cases with one FANUC M710iC robot.

"Installing an ErgoPakPal provides a cost savings through the use of a dual functioning robot, the use of minimal floor space and allows for flexibility over permanent robot installations."


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