Constellium introduces Aeral aluminium solution for aerosol container production

Friday, Oct 23, 2015

Constellium has introduced a new aluminium solution - Aeral - which will be used in the production of aerosol containers.

The Aeral developed from a specific alloy employs the Drawn and Ironed (D&I) technology, which is currently used in the production of beverage cans, to produce aerosol containers whose weight will be reduced by 30% when compared to traditional impact extruded containers.

Constellium customer technical support manager Herve Vichery said: "Constellium's Aeral is developed from a specific alloy that can be used efficiently throughout the D&I can making process, including the specific necking operation, while meeting the pressure resistance and aesthetical requirements of cosmetics companies."

The light weight containers will offer the same level of performance like the traditional containers in terms of resistance to pressure and great ductility, the company said.

Constellium developed Aeral after a research at C-TEC, the company's advanced technology center in Voreppe, France.

The Aeral was manufactured at Constellium's rolling mill in Neuf-Brisach, France, where the company produces light-weight products, including beverage cans.

Constellium beverage food and personal care sales & marketing director Raphael Thevenin said: "Aeral is a new aluminium solution which, combined with the D&I technology, we expect will radically change the niche aerosol market.

"Yielding significant weight savings, this combination will dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of aerosol containers."

In August this year, the West Virginia Economic Development Authority (WVEDA) approved $15m in financing for the expansion of Constellium's plant in Ravenswood, in the US state of Virginia.

The financing will contribute to the $35m expansion, which includes the installation of a new 800 Kt furnace, which will manufacture advanced aluminium alloys.

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