Cosmo Films presents High Barrier Metallised Film

Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015

Along with barrier properties, the film has good heat seal strength for pouching applications. The film can be used for cold sealing as well.

Available in 12/15/18 microns, the film’s metallisation offers superior anchorage with the film. The treated metallised surface may be used for printing.

The company is also working on a coated product with drastically enhanced gas barrier properties.

Technical Features at a glance:

  • - Excellent MVTR (< 0.25 g/m2/day)
  • - Moderate OTR (< 40 cc/m2/day)
  • - Good heat seal strength (500 g/25 mm)
  • - Good lamination bond with PE (> 1.5N/25mm)
  • - Corona Treatment on both sides



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