Crown Asia Pacific develops new lightweight beverage end

20 September 2017

Crown Asia Pacific has developed a new generation of lightweight SuperEnd beverage end to provide beverage manufacturers with a novel sustainable option.

Compared to conventional 202 diameter (52mm) ends, Crown's Interchangeable SuperEnd beverage end reduces metal use by over 10%.

The company has also used less aluminum during the manufacturing of lightweight beverage ends to reduce the amount of energy needed during distribution.

The new beverage ends can be recycled and used again without loss in quality or physical properties.

According to Crown, the Interchangeable SuperEnd beverage end is compatible with seamer tooling used with other lightweight ends on the market.

The company is providing the new Interchangeable SuperEnd beverage end to beverage manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region

Around 580 billion SuperEnd beverage ends were produced by Crown and its licensees since the launch of technology in 2000.

Crown Asia Pacific president Robert Bourque said: “Innovation and sustainability have served as the backbone of Crown’s philosophy since we were founded 125 years ago.

“We are excited to advance the widely adopted SuperEnd beverage end technology platform even further and to support our customers in their sustainability journeys.”

Through its subsidiaries, Crown provides of packaging products to consumer marketing companies across the globe.

Earlier this month, Crown unveiled plans to construct a new beverage can plant in Spain. The new facility will be developed in the Valencia region for the manufacturing of aluminum beverage cans.

Expected to be operational in the fourth quarter of 2018, the facility will initially produce around 900 million units in multiple sizes.