Crown Holdings, Inc. to increase beverage can capacity in Turkey

Monday, Sep 28, 2015

Crown Holdings, Inc. a leading supplier of metal packaging products worldwide, announced it is investing in a second line at its Osmaniye plant, in central southern Turkey, to produce aluminum beverage cans. The plant currently produces 800 million beverage cans, serving customers in Turkey and neighboring markets.

Crown operates two beverage can plants in Turkey, in Izmit and Osmaniye, manufacturing a wide range of aluminum can sizes. Crown is installing the new capacity in response to growing demand in Turkey, where sales of empty beverage cans exceeded 2.6 billion units last year, and surrounding countries.

The new line is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2017 and have initial annual production capacity of approximately 900 million two-piece aluminum beverage cans in multiple sizes. The additional line will more than double the Osmaniye plant's annual production capacity to over 1.7 billion cans.

"We are extremely pleased with strong customer demand throughout the region. The plant is well located to supply customers in both Turkey and neighboring countries," said Peter Lockley, Senior Vice President CROWN Bevcan Europe & Middle East. "The aluminum beverage can is an ideal container as it is easy to carry, chills quickly, and is 100% recyclable and sustainable. The Osmaniye plant has operated efficiently from the outset, and the addition of a second line was anticipated when the facility was planned."

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