CT Packaging Bill Could Mean New Tax on Consumers, Says CTA

9 May 2016

The following statement is attributed to Allison Schumacher, director of environmental policy and sustainability at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM, regarding the passage of the packaging task force bill (S.B. 233) by Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr.:

“We share Senator Kennedy’s goal to encourage Connecticut consumers to responsibly recycle their packaging and reduce packaging waste in the state. But we remain concerned about the composition of the task force and believe greater industry participation would bring significant perspective and benefit.

“As the packaging task force begins its work, it is critical to recognize the economics of the current recycling climate rather than immediately adopt policies that create a new tax on consumers. In this difficult global commodities market, local municipalities and others nationwide are struggling with recycling costs. A statewide packaging program filled with new rules and fees would create a massive new administrative burden for the state and increase costs to manufacturers, and ultimately consumers, without the guarantee of increasing recycling rates or environmental benefits.

“Our industry has a positive story to tell – many companies have already optimized their packaging materials by creating more sustainable designs, incorporating more reusable materials and reducing the overall size and weight of packages. And our market-based, non-regulatory approaches to combat solid waste and spur responsible recycling have been reasonable and measured. We encourage the task force to work with us on solutions that achieve recycling objectives without creating a new packaging tax for consumers.”


Source : finance.yahoo.com