DEKKA’s New Premium SX-T Tape Head produces Innovative Pull-Tab, Easy-Open Seals on Cases

Monday, Sep 21, 2015

DEKKA, powered by Pro Mach, announces a new premium case sealing tape head that creates a unique pull-tab without special tape or added materials to produce secure, easy-open cases. The new DEKKA SX-T eliminates the need for knives or other tools, which are the primary cause of product damage and a significant risk for workplace injury. (Pack Expo Booth C-3123)

The new DEKKA SX-T Tape Head works with a wide range of tapes and uses an innovative, patent-pending design to form a pull-tab at the tail without added material. Cases remain secure for shipping and handling with easy open capabilities at warehouses, retail outlets or other destinations. The SX-T is DEKKA’s top-of-the-line tape head and is based on their industry leading SE (Standard Edition) model that is simple to use and well proven for a wide range of consumer goods manufacturers, food processors, and health and beauty companies, among others. The SX-T features DEKKA’s "No Break" tape advance, quick load system, and unbeatable tape sealing reliability and efficiency. Tape loading for the SX-T can be accomplished in less than 30 seconds.

“The DEKKA SX-T is unique in the market for its approach in creating easy open cases,” said Sander Smith, DEKKA Product Manager. “Most competitive tape heads require special tape or added materials. The SX-T is easier to use and more cost-effective. It is an ideal solution for any manufacturer that needs easy open cases or wants to eliminate knives or tools.”

Since 1999, DEKKA has sold and installed thousands of its premium tape heads in a wide range of case sealers. DEKKA’s robust, easy to maintain tape heads deliver long lasting reliable performance and real-world practicality to many manufacturing and packaging operations worldwide. DEKKA products are backed by a large aftermarket support and service network.

The DEKKA SX-T will be exhibited at Pack Expo Las Vegas September 28-30, Booth C-3123. At Pack Expo, the SX-T will include the PrintWhiz tape printing system that codes the adhesive side of the tape. This creates a tamper-evident seal, allows product branding, and identification of the pull-tab if desired.

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