DS Smith Named Overall Best Supplier by Nestlé

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DS Smith boxes off competition to receive Nestlé Supplier of the Year award for the second time.

Nestlé, the multinational food and beverage company, has awarded DS Smith with the coveted Supplier of the Year award out of more than 500 of its UK suppliers.  

The awards run in both the UK and Germany, with DS Smith packaging in Germany scooping a similar award last year. The award recognises a supplier who has played a significant role in helping Nestlé achieve its aims throughout the year and delivering a service beyond expectations. 

The corrugated packaging and supply cycle specialist has been working with Nestlé since 2006 providing packaging and displays for different Nestlé brands, including Maggi and Nescafé, to 12 Nestlé factories across the UK.

Tony Foster, Sales and Marketing Director for DS Smith’s UK packaging division, said: “To be awarded this once would be a great honour but twice is outstanding. To be recognised as the best out of more than 500 other UK suppliers for the work we deliver is testament to the hard work that the team both here and at Nestlé put in to create the best possible packaging for the product.”

DS Smith’s Mike Rutherford, Business Lead UK & Ireland for Nestlé, was separately recognised individually with the ‘Above and Beyond’ award for going the extra mile in the work he delivers for the food company. 

Francesco van Westrenen, Customer Business Unit Director for DS Smith’s European packaging division, said: “After being recognised as Nestlé Best Innovation Supplier in Europe and Best Supplier in Germany last year it was clear that we understood Nestlé needs, whether that be design, market insight, supply-chain expertise or quality management. This third award truly reflects our unique approach to the business’s requirements and shows our commitment to deliver on joint targets with Nestlé.”

Tony continued: “This is an exceptional achievement for DS Smith Packaging and deserved recognition for Mike Rutherford’s tireless enthusiasm and professionalism. It demonstrates the collaborative approach we take with all our customers and reinforces the importance packaging plays in the overall brand journey.”

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