Elif introduces new PE film for flexible packaging applications

22 November 2017

Flexible packaging solutions provider Elif has introduced new PE film, ElifHyPEr, for flexible packaging applications

ElifHyPEr can be used in different flexible packaging applications such as stand-up pouches, in-mold labels, shrink sleeves, draw string tapes, cereal and cracker packaging.

Its applications also include sealant wraps, twist wraps, tapes, frozen food packaging, barrier packaging, liners, heavy duty bags and lamination replacement.

Featuring enhanced properties, ElifHyPEr serves as an alternative to BOPP or PET films and helps to increase packaging recyclability.

ElifHyPEr has better optical properties such as higher gloss, clarity and lower haze, as well as allows to avoid the need for lamination with other substrates.

With higher tensile strength, ElifHyPEr’s shrink properties can be controlled over a wide range, enabling to provide product differentiation, sustainability and cost advantage for brand owners and consumers.

ElifHyPEr allows to control shrink levels and offers better performance in machine direction break strength.

In addition, the film enables to provide increased clarity and transparency and holds capacity to withstand puncture and heavy loads.

Elif provides packaging solutions for different sectors, including food and beverages, household care, personal care, pet care and others.

For food and beverage sector, the company offers products and solution ranging from printed mono-layer and multi-layer films and laminates to converted flexible packaging solutions.

Its solution can be used for dehydrated and dry food, bakery and ingredients, chips, snacks and nuts, confectionery and frozen food products.


Source: foodproducts.packaging-business-review.com