GM Graphix invests in third MPS multi-substrate flexo press

Friday, Oct 30, 2015

South African flexographic printing company GM Graphix has invested in a new six color EF 340 multi-substrate flexo press from MPS, in a bid to increase its printing capacity.

The flexo press employs Phoseon LED UV drying and becomes the first of its type in the country to use LED curing technology to cater to the growing demand for lower cost and security of energy supply.

Phoseon's LED technology was selected to achieve significant energy savings and to deal with power outages and fluctuations.

The completely automated machine allows GM Graphix to expand printing capacity, especially in shorter print runs, the company said.

GM Graphix is already equipped with two of MPS' presses.

Rotocon, Paragon Inks and Phoseon were also involved in MPS press sale to GM Graphix.

Commenting on the investment, GM Graphix owner Pieter Massyn said: "I am grateful that these three companies and their innovative technology provided an effective solution for the energy supply challenges we are facing in South Africa.

With this leading LED curing solution in our new MPS press, we will increase our productivity while saving a considerable amount of cost and energy."

Paragon Inks business development & marketing director Amanda Jones said: "An important consideration for this project was to ensure that GM Graphix's optimisation and minimisation systems within their facility were able to continue.

"This was achieved by ensuring the colour pallets and over ink performance equalled that of their current MPM (Medium Pressure Mercury -red.) curing systems."

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