Great American Packaging to buy Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica EVO-XD Press

8 February 2019

Great American Packaging is purchasing a new Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica EVO-XD eight-color press to meet the growing consumer demand.

The Flexotecnica EVO-XD is featured with optical error detection, automated viscosity control, auto washup, auto impression setting, servo control, memory of all-important job settings, automatic splicing, and automatic tension control.

Great American’s decision to invest in the press is due to need for extra capacity to meet the high growth, ability to process print, improve quality in terms of control and error detection, cost competitiveness.

The company says that following new directives from government and orders from retailers demanding for eco-friendly alternatives to non-recyclable multilayer stand-up pouches and films, manufacturers are producing recyclable products with colorful artwork in a cost-effective manner.

GAP president Bruce Carter said: “We are excited about the opportunities the new Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica EVO-XD press will bring to Great American Packaging. The new capabilities and increase in productivity it brings will be key in delivering success in our production environment. The new press will give us the tools and resources to grow into new markets we have not yet been able to penetrate.

“The EVO-XD will bring us greater efficiency and productivity through increased printing widths, faster printing speeds, quicker changeovers, better quality control and process print capabilities. This competitive advantage will allow us to produce recyclable multi-layer pouches and films with sophisticated artwork in a cost-effective way.”

The Flexotecnica EVO-XD eight-color press is expected to expand the existing six-color custom printed products currently produced to eight colors, along with facilitating the firm to create multi-color images in both process and spot color to meet all the demands.

GAP CEO Greg Gurewitz said: “When we compared the major flexographic press manufacturers, we found Koenig & Bauer to offer the right combination of build quality, company size, technology, and commitment to the U.S. market, sales support and value to make it the right choice for our company.