Holland Colours develops new additive for PET packaging

Thursday, Nov 19, 2015

Holland Colours, a supplier of pigments and pigment dispersions for the plastics, has developed a new slip agent that is claimed to reduce scuff marks and scratches on PET packaging.

The new bio-based HolcoSlip 271-Series is said to reduce the coefficient of friction during preform production.

This results in easier release of the preforms from the cavities due to less friction , thereby resulting in scratch-free preforms.

The food contact safe additive offers optimum performance at lower dosing levels than that of the currently available solutions.

With an ability to be used with most liquid additive / colorant dosing systems, HolcoSlip 271-Series does not cause discoloration and has negligible influence on the PET-conversion process.

Holland Colours claims that the additive offers efficient filling, as a result of which octabin can store 10% more preforms. This reduces storage and transportation costs.

The HolcoSlip, which is undergoing FDA compliance, is currently available only in Europe.

Based in the Netherlands, Holland Colours has manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, England, the United States, Hungary, Indonesia and China where it produces colourants and additives.

The company also has additional sales and distribution facilities in Canada and Mexico with a sales and service network that is spread across the world.

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