Honaz introduces new Maplejet ProDigit 70 printer with Xaar 502 printheads

2 November 2017

Honaz FZCo has expanded its Maple Jet ProDigit product portfolio with the introduction of new MapleJet ProDigit 70 printer.

MapleJet ProDigit 70 printer, which integrates Xaar 502 GS15 O printheads, is exhibiting at the GulFood Manufacturing Exhibition in Dubai.

The event is being held between 31 October and 2 November.

MapleJet ProDigit 70 printer holds capacity to print high-resolution (180dpi) codes at up to 70mm height, directly onto cartons.

According to Xaar, MapleJet ProDigit 70 is a better choice for companies intend to replace their carton label printers.

Running at line speeds of up to 58m per minute, the new printer can be used to print text, logos, barcodes and images directly onto porous substrates.  

With one-litre bulk ink system, the MapleJet ProDigit 70 printer is available in single or bi-colour versions. The printer’s retracting module allows to maintain print quality on production lines.

Xaar 502 GS15 O printhead uses advanced latest piezoelectric drop-on-demand bulk technology actuator design, PrecisionPlus, which offers a long throw distance and increases stability.

The printhead, which is combined with the optimised nozzle guard to support automated maintenance routines, can be positioned for use in demanding and harsh factory environments.

It can also be integrated into the Xaar 502, allowing to run in full through flow mode or pulsed mode.

PrecisionPlus and TF Technology allow fully optimised actuator performance supporting printing in multiple orientations such as skyscraper (vertical printing) mode.


Source: machineryandequipment.packaging-business-review.com