Huhtamaki, Magic Add partner on digitalized applications for foodservice packaging

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016

Smart packaging company Magic Add has collaborated with food and drink packaging firm Huhtamaki on digitalized applications for foodservice packaging.

Magic Add has pooled about $250,000 in angel funding for product development and creation of an international network of suppliers and customers.

The company has also signed cooperative agreements with other international companies.

According to the company, all packaging will feature unique codes in the near future, which enable efficient logistics, ensure the authenticity of products, and inform consumers about the products' chain of production, contents, and freshness.

One code provides information from the entire supply chain, which is called Internet of Packaging (IoP).

With applications in advertising, logistics, and process optimization, Magic Add provides exclusive rewards such as unique media content and store discount codes for customers.

These will help in shipment tracking and feedback collection, as well as reducing food waste.

Magic Add president and CEO Samuli Manninen said: "Magic Add specializes in cost-efficient, high-volume smart packaging, making it the cheapest and most effective way of embedding intelligence in packages."


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