Aluminum beverage can recycler Novelis, commissions Slitting and Packing Line investing 15 million Euros

Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014

"This investment reflects the strong growth of the aluminum beverage can market in Europe, which has resulted in a significant increase in sales can sheet," said Pierre Labat, VP and General Manager, Can Novelis Europe. "As part of its growth strategy, Novelis Europe invests continuously to strengthen its market leadership by increasing the production of tin and used beverage can recycling capacity to meet the needs of our customers. "

Alunorf world 's largest manufacturer of aluminum wheels and aluminum manufacturing facilities with the most advanced technology from Europe, cast ingots and rolled semifinished metal products for a wide range of applications. It is an essential part of network operations and Novelis is key to serve the European market tin. The plant also recycles beverage can process scrap.

Beverage companies across Europe are increasingly changing to aluminum containers due to its portability, improve conservation products and recyclability. At the same time, economic growth is also driving increased consumption of canned beverages in Europe.

While Novelis is expanding its production capacity of tin, is also investing to expand its recycling efforts of cans used in Europe. The company recently upgraded its recycling plant in Latchford, UK, resulting in an increase in capacity of over 60,000 tons, and in mid- 2014, it will launch the world center 's largest aluminum recycling Nachterstedt, Germany, with a total capacity of about 400 000 tonnes. These investments are part of the overall strategy of the company to increase the recycled content of their products to 80 percent in 2020