Jussara adopts Sidel PET line for UHT milk in Brazil

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brazilian dairy producer Jussara has introduced Jussara Max milk in PET bottles using aseptic blow-fill-cap technology from Sidel.

The aseptic blow-fill-cap technology enables dry preform decontamination and was installed in the second half of 2014 in Jussara's Patrocínio Paulista plant for long shelf life milk (UHT) production.

With this technology, Jussara has expanded its portfolio with a new PET bottle in the Brazilian market dominated by carton.

Jussara superintendent director Odorico Alexandre Barbosa said: "With our new high production capacity based on a complete aseptic line supplied by Sidel, our company presents one of the most modern packaging technologies in Latin America for PET bottles, the first-ever aseptic production line including a blow-fill-cap solution equipped with dry perform decontamination technology."

The new PET line started commercial production in November last year. Jussara then introduced its Max range for long-life milk with added calcium and vitamin D in a PET plastic bottle.

Jussara owner and commercial director Laercio Barbosa said: "We were convinced by the marketing opportunity the PET bottle could offer to our UHT premium milk. Our challenge was to create innovative and functional packaging which was cost-efficient and sustainable to produce.

"PET bottles have all the qualities necessary to meet our expectations. They give a freedom in package design to differentiate our products on the supermarket shelves. They perfectly match with the consumers' expectations, as they are user-friendly, tough and resealable."

The bottling line currently runs at 18,000bph and more than three million bottles are produced every month.

The company is targeting the maximum line production capacity of 10 million bottles a month by mid-year.

Brazil is the largest consumer of UHT milk, with 6.3 billion litres consumed in 2013. It grew by 4% last year.

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