KCC Packaging to reveal the latest developments in Eco Food Tray System

Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015

The Riji tray provides significant performance advantages over existing food packaging materials, at the same time as greatly reducing the retailer’s carbon footprint.

The Riji tray itself is 100% biodegradable, and when used with a compatible lid film that also composts – which will be demonstrated at Pro2Pac – gives packers looking to capitalize on the demand for Eco products, a completely biodegradable option.

With a unique package of tray, film and sealing machine to suit, KCC make it possible for the smallest to the largest food packer to switch away from plastic right away, without the trouble of shopping around for film and machinery to complete the operation.

Visitors to the KCC stand will be able to see Riji trays cooking in a high speed combi-oven at temperatures of up to 300C, which existing plastic ovenable materials cannot manage. This makes it attractive for brands working in food-to-go, where high temperatures are needed, to crisp and brown for that all-appealing golden cooked presentation.

The structure of the Riji tray enables it to stay rigid when heated, making it easier and safer to handle than plastics which tend towards floppiness, at the same time as holding the temperature for longer. As an example, this will appeal to meal service providers to the elderly, where the ability to heat food safely is of paramount importance.

KCC Managing Director Kevin Clarke says, “Any food producer or retailer with an interest in providing greater product appeal through safer, easier-to-handle packaging will want to know about Riji.  Our research shows that when consumers know that they can compost the packaging, they will be even more inclined to buy the product.

“Riji offers massive PR value for the food industry. Think of being able to tell your consumer that she can afterwards use the trays to propagate seeds. When the seeds are ready for replanting, the whole tray can be put into the earth because it’s entirely compostable.

That is sure to appeal to those with green fingers, who would prefer to compost a tray than fill up a bin to cart it away to landfill.”



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