Komori selects Siegwerk as supplier of high sensitive UV inks

31 May 2016

Komori has signed an agreement with Siegwerk for the supply of high sensitive UV inks for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets.

The agreement enables Siegwerk to manufacture K-Supply ink for Komori's H-UV system, the company's UV curing system.

Komori director and executive operating officer Kazunori Saitoh said: "The partnership with Siegwerk will play a key role in Komori's endeavour to strengthen and to broaden its range of service offerings under the K-Supply brand.

"This alliance built upon Komori's H-UV technology with 700 installations worldwide and fusion between printing know-how obtained from such customer requests and Siegwerk's profound technical know-how ensures the true benefits of H-UV technology is delivered to H-UV customers, and opens up a new dimension in the development of H-UV technology."

Under the brand name K-Supply, Komori offers a range of special consumables and materials approved for its printing presses.

Komori said that it had certified Siegwerk as itsEuropean partner to ensure high quality and improved performance for its high sensitive UV inks.

Both the companies will sell high sensitive UV inks produced by Siegwerk under the brand name K-Supply.

Besides, Komori has announced the launch of energy saving UV printing process. Its UV curing system uses one H-UV lamp and runs with high-sensitivity H-UV inks from selected suppliers.

The company claims that the amount of CO2 emissions from Komori's H-UV system is only around one quarter compared to conventional UV curing.

It also said that instant drying system doesn't produce ozone and ensures very low heat generation.

Siegwerk president packaging EMEA Hugo Noordhoek Hegt said: "As one of the leading global ink manufacturers and a specialist for UV technology, we see this partnership as an opportunity to bring our experience and knowledge directly to Komori's customers and support their efforts for excellent performance as well as efficient and reliable processes."

In April, Siegwerk, a manufacturer of printing inks for packaging applications, labels, and catalogs, unveiled new LED UV flexo inks for food and pharmaceutical packaging applications.


Source : packaging-business-review.com