Kruger Brau installs new micro-canning equipment in South Africa

Monday, Dec 21, 2015

South African brewery Kruger Brau has installed a semi-automatic canning system machine from Cask Brewing Systems to package its beers in aluminum cans.

The new micro-canning equipment will be capable of producing more than 40 cases per hour.

Cask's compact machines are claimed to provide an extremely low level of dissolved oxygen ranging between 15-20 parts per billion, thus enabling extended shelf life of beer products and protects the flavor profile of the canned beer.

The semi-automated canning system can handle multiple can heights as well as offer automatic lid application including under lid gassing and provides air pick up levels as low as the fully automated canning lines, Cask said.

Cask Brewing Systems founder Peter Love said: "Our canning machines give small brewers an affordable, small-scale way to package their beer.

"And they allow those brewers to put their beer in a package that's portable, infinitely recyclable and gives their beer the ultimate protection from light and oxygen. Those benefits are hard for brewers to resist."

Said to be the second microbrewery to use aluminum cans in the country, Kruger has launched four micro-canned beers.

The Cheetah African Ale, Sunset American Pale Ale, Lazy Boy English Brown Ale, Irish Mule Irish Red Ale in 440ml aluminum cans are available in bars, restaurants, retail liquor stores in the local area and at the Kruger Brau tasting room.

Kruger Brau founder JR Rudie Kruger said: "From day one I wanted to establish something extraordinary that makes use of the best technologies that I could afford. This would ensure that my beers are of the highest quality and that I can keep my overhead, operating -- and especially my transport -- costs low.

"I also wanted to have a 'greener' footprint than the average micro-brewery."

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